History always repeats itself. The 31 Club’s history dates all the way to the 1940’s  with its original incarnation of Buffalo’s exclusive supper club. The establishment catered to the socialites of the community that once filled the streets during Buffalo’s glory days. The name “31 Club” was derived from the address 31 Johnson Park, and the restaurant enjoyed more than four decades of success.


After closing in 1983, the building began to fall into disrepair. However, an idea was put into motion to return the historic brick building back to its original splendor, and create a swanky, modern supper club that would once again cater to the people of Buffalo. The 31 Club had returned!


The new, updated version of the once famous restaurant retains the same class, style, and sophistication of its previous incarnation, but also adds a fresh, modern, and contemporary flair.